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    A local business, news and events website built to help and drive the community. Visitor levels rise daily as this location based project grows. We interact on a daily base with Bawtry businesses to keep our content fresh and current.
  • PorfolioWebsites
    Whittaker Coachbuilders
    We re-designed Whittaker's website in September 2012. They required a website in order to showcase their vehicles and services, as well as an blog which allowed them to add news themselves.
  • PorfolioWebsites
    A local business, news and events website built to help and drive the community. Visitor levels rise daily as this location based project grows. We interact on a daily base with Retford businesses to keep our content fresh and current.
  • PorfolioWebsites
    Viva Of Bawtry
    Viva wanted a small, simple website which allowed them to show visitors what they had to offer. We photpgraphed the store and used the images to create a shoecase for visitors to watch.
  • PorfolioWebsites
    Hobson Shoes
    Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors can't be wrong. Our oldest and first website project. Hobson Shoes now relies purely on its own Search Engine Optimisation to draw in customers by the thousand.
  • PorfolioWebsites
    Shoes GB
    Shoes GB is a transactional e-commerce website built using our own shopping cart, and integrated into our own stock system.
  • PorfolioWebsites
    Need To Wear
    Designed for a specific specialist brand portfolio of Western Boots. Need To Wear delivers a fashion based transactional e-commerce website.
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Welcome To Bates Consulting & PR
Do you ever read the welcome page on a website? I usually do and they are full of mission statements and stories about how the guys behind the company sat down one day and decided that they would change the World. So, if you already know me and my team then you don't need much by the way of an introduction. But if you don't know us, then here's a brief story of how we came to be where we are today. No tall stories, no empty statements.
I'm Mark, together with my team we work in Bawtry. Kris is our web build specialist, Alison provides customer contact and Jude looks after all imagery. We have been running and building websites since 2005 and it is the running of the websites that sets us apart. How? Well it's easy! We know what could go wrong on a website and how to fix it in real time. We've been there at the start of website projects – and also sadly at the end of some.
We know how frustrating it can be when you wish to make changes to your website, and after two days, still nothing has been changed. Once finally updated, you receive an invoice! It used to send us crazy. We have a solution to this in our unique and bespoke administration system. With us you can change your website at any time instantly at no extra cost. If there's a particular image you want to show to your customers, upload it live and there it is.
We know what it is like to be passionate about a project and want instant dynamic results. We can deliver flexible and easy to use solutions that will give you the edge over your competition. We can build your site, host your site and give you control of your site. No need to train or learn code we have done the hard part now we can deliver that experience to you.
You may need a website to create your online presence, to create a buzz about your business and refer your customers directly to you. Or maybe, you're looking for a transactional website. We run our own, and other peoples - it is not easy but we do it. We won't try to sell you a fancy till or stock system if you decide to go transactional. Our administration system does all you need it too - allowing you to concentrate on your business and not worry about third party systems. We've built and tested our own system over years, and thousands of transactions, we rely on it.
Have a look at our portfolio to see our work; we're selective in the work we take on. If you like what you see then please get in touch. You can also visit us on Social Network websites such as Linked In, Twitter & Facebook. We're here to help, we've been where you are!
- Mark Bates
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